You may have a choice as to where to get your MRI.  It is important that you carefully evaluate the facility completing your MRI.  We encourage all patients to gather as much information as possible before making the choice.
Guam Radiology Consultants was the first facility to install a modern MRI facility.  It was the first to obtain accreditation by the American College of Radiology and it remains the only facility on Guam to be accredited in breast MRI.  It is the only facility where you will find all of the radiologists to be Board Certified.  Guam Radiology Consultants is the only facility on Guam where a radiologist is always present when an MRI is being completed.   Referring healthcare provider  are  always welcome to discuss with our radiologist the condition of their patients and the best imaging study for any given situation.   MRI is not always the best choice.  When it is, we will help to tailor to individual exam to each patient.

These are all important factors that we consider part of providing quality care to our patients.


Guam Radiology Consultants is home to the Siemens Magnetom Espree MRI. Considered by many to be the overall best MRI in the world, it provides improved detail, faster imaging, a safer environment and the ability to accommodate larger patients. The advances in medical imaging that GRC brought to Guam with the Siemens Magnetom Espree have eliminated the need for patients to have repeated MRIs if they go off-island for treatment. The improved clarity and ability to transmit images digitally mean more accurate diagnoses and faster treatment.
Guam Radiology Consultants MRI scanner is the latest Siemens Espree unit.   It has a very wide bore – it is much wider than conventional MRI units.  This allows for a very comfortable exam and is a great bonus to claustrophobic and large patients.  As the scanner is also very short in length, its design is such that almost every patient with claustrophobia gets through a complete exam on the Espree without any problem.  At least 60% of examinations may be performed with the patient’s head outside of tube part of the MRI unit.  Even patients without claustrophobia like the Espree as many people still experience mild anxiety when scanned in a conventional smaller bore MRI unit.
The medical community has recently focused on using exams that do not use radiation when possible.   MRI is more and more frequently being used for children in particular to avoid any radiation exposure at all.  Guam Radiology is a certified “Image Gently” facility and we make every effort to decrease and eliminate the use of radiation when possible. The wide bore MRI scanner used at Guam Radiology Consultants has resulted in a much better experience for all patients – especially for our youngest patients.  Because of its unique design, a parent or other caring person can stand in the MRI room with a child having an MRI and can almost always hold his or her hand throughout the exam.  We encourage a tour of the MRI a few days before an exam for kids who might be scared secondary to not knowing what’s to come.
A wide bore MRI allows patients to be scanned comfortably and to lie still for the course of the examination.   This helps with the quality of the exam.  We also have an MP3 player and our patients can select the music of their choice.   Many patients find this helps them to stop thinking about the exam and relax during the exam.

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At the GRC Women’s Imaging Center, we understand that women have unique healthcare concerns. We believe women deserve access to the specialized diagnostic services they need to prevent, detect and treat those ailments most common to them.

GRC’s Women’s Imaging Center is designed to ensure that your specific health needs are addressed in a comprehensive and compassionate way. We have Guam’s most experienced women’s imaging team with Radiologists who have specialized in mammography as well as certified mammography, ultrasound and MRI technologists to ensure that your testing is accurate, comfortable and timely Read more...

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